Introducing the Embed-able Website

A Content Capsule™ works just like a normal website, but with a simple copy and paste of an embed code, the complete experience can be embedded across unlimited digital channels.

With the Content Capsule websites are now portable.

Digital marketing is broken. Brands are wasting millions of dollars trying to drive consumers from one website to another. It’s time to turn the current digital advertising models upside down. It’s time to get your most relevant digital content directly in front of your audience – at every point in their consumer journey.

Launch. Learn. Adapt. — Everywhere

Content Capsules can be embedded across unlimited locations while still having control over content and analytics.


Embedding a complete website experience is now as simple as copying and pasting an embed code.


Content Capsules come with a dashboard that monitors every user interaction and every user embed.


All content can be updated in real-time across every embedded Content Capsule.
See a Content Capsule embedded below
Go ahead, check it out

This is an example of a Content Capsule. It’s a fully functional microsite embedded right in the page. There are navigation tabs at the top that open new pages of content – videos, PDFs, images, case studies, and more.

Embedding is a click away

Click the embed button on the bottom to embed the Content Capsule on your own site. Just copy and paste the embed code from the window.
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